MEMBER NAME: Richard Bruch
DATE JOINED: Founding member, March 2008
QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Commerce (Monash University); Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (University of Melbourne)
PROJECTS: 000 Stick Brick Crate; 001 Urban Parklands Project; 002 Cathedral Place; 003 Warehouse; 004 Website; 005 Couch Sit; 006 Gold from (Shit)zroy; 007 Bulle[n]tin; 008 Green Roof Melbourne; 009 French Island Eco-Retreat; 010 Chinatown Laneway Assessment; 013 Catering @ AMES; 016 Holes in the Wall; 018 Community of Chapter House Lane

2008 University of Melbourne, EDAW Australia Prize for Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
2009 University of Melbourne, Knowledge Transfer grant recipient, Urban Parklands Project
2009 Architeam Award for Student and Unbuilt Architecture

Personal Statement
I'm mostly interested to find out how the world is, and what processes have led it to it to be so. How does change happen? I want to develop deep local knowledge of inner-urban Melbourne. My beliefs shift from time to time. Right now I'm interested in expanding landscape architecture. Mashing up digital and parametric design techniques alongside landscape architectural, urban design, community development, community cultural development and bureaucratic (policy) processes.


Folio of works

The night it all started - with Fonu and Lyle

An early manifesto written with Lyle Talbot

servicerecycleservicerecycleservice 1

Confusion reigns. Lines are drawn in the sand. We are good or we are bad. We are fucking cool. Life doesn’t matter. Let go. Its sexy and its fun.

Frustration with selfish living. Self-loathing or self-denial? Money, money, money. Illusory thinking. Ego. Dirty values.

There is another way. Loathing self-denial and denying self-loathing. Clear minded confusion. Vague indifferent living – all the time wearing a suit.


Rehabilitate degraded inner city land. Live there. Develop ecosystems. Clean your shit up. Then drink it. No new materials. Recycle. Renewable energies. Waste is resource. Be cool. Oh so cool. And they will come.

Don’t just plant trees, be a tree. And a vegetarian. Because we cant grow cows on Lonsdale street.






Me and Lyle, and anyone crazy enough to join us.