DATE & LOCATION: August 2009 - October 2010, Chapter House Lane, Melbourne
CLIENT: Schloss Group (and St Paul’s Cathedral, City of Melbourne, etc)
PROJECT LEADERS: Ammon Beyerle, Richard Bruch
PROJECT TEAM: Sonya Parton, Anga'aefonu Bain-Vete
FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY: Ammon Beyerle, Otto Henkell

Project Summary
From August 2009 and continuing, Urban Village Melbourne, through its commercial arm UVM – Sustainable Urban Ecologies P/L has been conducting a research and facilitation project for the public and environmental activation of Cathedral Place (the carpark and laneway adjacent to St Paul’s Cathedral, Flinders St, Melbourne). The project for the public redevelopment of this semi-public space (St Paul’s Cathedral property) has been ongoing over the past 10 years without any major physical or social outcomes.

Our brief was to engage with perceived key stakeholders, to ascertain the current state of play, barriers, opportunities and history face to face, with the long-term aim of encouraging the development of the space towards an improved public asset. An important component of our engagement included precedents studies and on-site mapping and observation, eventually presented visually.

Outcomes to Date
- A significant material donation between stakeholders
- Establishment of a grant to the University of Melbourne for 2010, for ongoing research into the site heritage
- Joint submission by stakeholders for a 2010 City of Melbourne Community Services grant (successful - see 018 Community of Chapter House Lane)
- Development of an inventory about the physical site and building issues
- Overall improvement of understanding of recent and significant histories between parties
- Statements of commitment in the short to medium term future
- Improved conversation and shared ambition