LAUNCH DATE 6 July 2010, 630pm at The Order of Melbourne, 401 Swanston St, Melbourne
EVENT DATE 17 July 2010, 10am-4pm at Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke St, Melbourne
PROJECT LEADER: Glenn Todd (Bindarri)
UVM VOLUNTEERS: Glenn Todd, Ammon Beyerle, Michelle Emma James

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Two events and an exhibition for the State of Design Festival 2010. This project led by is to get collaborative action on climate change between design professionals climate change communicators and activists - as well as the public. How do we get measurable mainstream support for climate change action?

An experimental collaborative project involving climate communicators and creatives to generate
ideas on how to increase measurable mainstream support for action on climate change.
We will be brainstorming together, sketching, modelling, drawing, writing, building briefs and
testing ideas.

We will be inspiring each other, having fun, sharing skills and forming working relationships with the people who will energise our ideas and implement them in the real world.

Public momentum on climate change action is stagnating, Copenhagen flopped and Rudd backflipped on legislating a strong ETS. Meanwhile the issue is not going away and scientists are getting more alarmed with the scientific evidence.

Australian groups have created the technical and economic solutions and now we need big creative ideas to inspire the Australian community and our leaders to implement these solutions.

We are calling for Australia’s creatives to step up to this challenge and provide the ideas, skills and leadership that will transform the movement and catalyse real change.

We want to abandon the stereotypes of past communications and actions to embrace the new,
the clever, the dynamic and agile, the unexpected.

We are asking people to commit to two sessions, one short evening session and a Saturday day session.

This is a Bindarri initiative running as part of the State of Design Festival to be held at Donkey Wheel House. We are currently in negotiation with various organisations to partner and contribute to this project.

Everyone will be welcome to participate. We are aiming at bringing together people working within
the creative industries such as advertising, marketing and the various design fields.

We are not aiming to produce campaign materials. We aim to produce the ideas and concepts that will lead to better campaign planning or a better alternative to
a campaign altogether.

We want to design frameworks for the Climate Communicators to allocate resources and ideas
within their own organisations and to seek funding and support for implementation.

All ideas and concepts produced will be shared and not be owned by anyone person. We will encourage remixing and upcycling of ideas between participants.

Participants will gain the following:
• Industry event for socialising and networking
• Fun use of skills and a chance to show them off
• Involvement in real action on climate change
• Learn from the experimental collaboration and

We will encourage a fun, networking environment
for participants to get to know one another and to
build enthusiasm.

preliminary workshop
During the week starting 5th July We will form small working groups of about 8 people
that will self organise a working session on an evening at their offices, homes or external locations.
Each team will expand the brief and start the process of brainstorming for ideas central event July 17 @ Donkey Wheel House

A workshop as part of the State of Design Festival where as teams we will be sharing ideas, remixing them, improving them and spinning them back into
the collective mix.

interactive exhibition
July 24 + 25 @ Donkey Wheel House

Donkey Wheel House is having a open day as part of the State of Design Festival which attracted 300 people last year. We will be interacting with these people to further promote the work, discussion and build capacity for the process of idea generation to continue in and out of the new network.

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(10/9/10) See the photos on Flickr!
Come to the launch 630-9pm, 6 July 2010, at The Order of Melbourne!
Come to the main event 10am-4pm, 17 July 2010, at Donkey Wheel House!